League blasts Scorpions over Zuma

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

The Young Communist League has accused the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of conducting "kangaroo justice" and taking revenge against newly elected ANC president Jacob Zuma.

This follows the NPA's announcement that it had sufficient evidence to successfully prosecute Zuma on corruption charges.

Addressing the media at the ANC national conference outside Polokwane yesterday, YCL national secretary Buti Manamela said the NPA action was nothing but a "revenge against the outcome of the ANC conference", where Zuma was elected president of the party.

He said the league would lobby the ANC conference to pass a resolution against the NPA's conduct.

Observers saw the league's call as the first instalment by Zuma supporters to interfere with the judiciary.

Manamela said the NPA had abused its powers and applied "kangaroo justice" against Zuma and that the conference had to take a stand against this.

"As the YCL we do not believe that the ANC president will get a free and fair trial because this has been a political trial to prevent him from being elected as the ANC president," Manamela said.

The league was concerned that Zuma had been investigated for seven years without finalisation, the lack of consistency in the probe into the arms deal, the raids by the Scorpions on Zuma's and his lawyer's houses and the "continuation of the trial" through the media by the NPA.

Manamela said the NPA's pronouncement was a continuation of abuse of power by those who had been trying to prevent Zuma from being elected the ANC's and subsequently the country's president. He said those working against Zuma used the NPA as a pretext for fighting corruption.