Take risks to make profits

Gregory Bunyard

Gregory Bunyard

To grasp what an entrepreneur is, consider the self-employed flower seller on the side of the road.

She becomesan entrepreneur when she contacts hotels, wedding and funeral planners to get bulk contracts, considers exporting dried flowers, and invests in an asset to provide her, in time, with passive income.

Governments are paying more attention to entrepreneurship, hence the inclusion of the subject in more schools and tertiary institutions around the world.

Research shows that introduction to these concepts before the age of 13 has proved beneficial.

Do we need entrepreneurs and if so, are they born or made?

For emerging economies to grow, they need a successful small-business sector steered by forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Research proves that all this starts with deve-loping talent and attitudes in school.

This is important with the limited number of formal career opportunities available.

Pupils, even at primary school, should be introduced to the skills for a better chance of career and personal success.

Entrepreneurs create innovative solutions to problems, create jobs and help economies evolve.