Making mischief in the SACP

Eric Naki's article "Guiding star is fading" on July 25 refers.

Eric Naki's article "Guiding star is fading" on July 25 refers.

It is incorrect to say that the SACP is an opposition to the ANC. Not all communists support the role of our party as a watchdog. True communists are involved practically in the national democratic agenda. The struggle within the ANC and among the alliance is about corruption, not ideology. True communists rally behind our president to fight corruption.

Corruption has become secondary to the SACP and Cosatu. The corrupt have made discrediting the NPA and Scorpions their mission.

They hide behind left wing rhetoric to achieve this. Some in the SACP are communists by day and chase tenders at night. The campaign to elect Jacob Zuma ANC president attracted many corrupt people. The party is also silent when anti-ANC forces in KwaZulu-Natal back the Friends Of Jacob Zuma Trust.

The ANC and SACP were never one body. If the ANC was socialist, the SACP would have to disband.

True communists fight tribalism. JL Dube and others were elected because of morality and leadership qualities, not because they were "100percent Zulu boys".

Zuma is no more left than Thabo Mbeki. Before 2005 he defended ANC policies with distinction and zeal.

Siyanda Mhlongo, KwaDukuza