ANC workers, poor must not be misled by elitists

It is important to take an interest and understand what is at stake at this week's ANC policy conference. Beyond the people who will lead after December are the organisation's strategies and policies.

All the players, broadly represented by nationalist, socialist, capitalist and conservative interests, will be out to show the way forward.

The poor and working class should find hope in the strength of their representatives in the socioeconomic debates.

The insidious call for the separation of the strategic alliance and for socialists to abandon the ANC is a capitalist ploy against the poor and the working class.

If anyone should leave the ANC, it is the self-serving capitalists and opportunists who are trying to alienate the ANC from its power base - the poor and the working class.

This they do through introducing alien tendencies of elitism, never having been poor, and effectively serving as capitalist Trojan horses intent on changing the glorious movement of the people from within.

South Africans made their vision clear in 1955 in Kliptown through the Freedom Charter. They called for a socioeconomic order that allows for moderate private accumulation of wealth, but prioritises the national interest. Our developmental trajectory should remain on that course.

Lebeko Madikgetla,