Tobacco and R1000 is all he received

Elisha Molefe

After 47 years of honest hard work, Molungu Moalodi's retirement package was nothing more than a packet of tobacco and R1000.

This was how the 69-year-old man from Vlakkoppies farm, outside Mafikeng in North West was thanked for his years of faithful service by his boss.

He is furious with his "insulting retirement package," after herding Koert Groblaar's cattle for almost 50 years.

Yet Moloadi is better off. His 70-year-old wife, Dora, toiled for 33 years and was offered R50 on her last day at work.

Moalodi, who looked after 105 cows, was recently pensioned when his boss allegedly told him that his services were no longer required.

"I was expecting a huge retirement package, but my boss only gave me R1000 in cash and a packet of Boxer tobacco," said the dejected herdsman.

Moalodi said Groblaar only informed him last week that he had sold the farm.

He told the elderly man that the new owner would not require his service because he was too old and ill.

"He promised to pay me enough so that I could go and look for a better place for myself and my family."

"I tried to explain to him that the money was not enough to cover the cost of moving, let alone for a future lifewherever I go.

"But he became furious instead and told me that he did not care," said Moalodi.

His wife agreed with him, saying Groblaar had treated them badly for many years.

"I used to work as a domestic helper at his house.

"I would help my husband to milk the cows and treat them when they are sick, but he only paid me R50 a month," said Dora.

She has a bad limp as a result of an injury while milking.

"I was attacked by a bull while helping my husband to milk the cows. The bull injured me so badly that I was admitted to hospital."

When contacted for a comment by Sowetan, Groblaar said Moalodi had only worked for him for 10 years.

He said before that Moalodi had been working for his father.

When pressed further, he hang up the the phone.