We force Risk Solutions to pay

Bohlale Risk Solutions has agreed to settle three claims they had neglected to pay until Consumer Line stepped in.

Bohlale Risk Solutions has agreed to settle three claims they had neglected to pay until Consumer Line stepped in.

Last October we carried an article which exposed Bohlale's unfair business practice after our readers complained about unpaid claims and the unwarranted debiting of clients' accounts.

Some clients were refunded, but Puleng Letabe was kept on hold.

Letabe had an accident in May last year and lodged a claim after her car was written off.

Her claim was not settled timeously and she was given one courtesy car after another.

She complained to Consumer Line, and we took it up with Bohlale Solutions in October last year.

They have finally paid her account, leaving Letabe with a shortfall of R14000.

Masechaba Lithebe is their latest victim.

Lithebe bought a Mercedes -Benz CLK Elegance worth R278900 and paid the full amount last October.

In January, Lithebe had an accident and her car was so badly damaged that it was written off, she said.

She lodged her claim two days later and was told she would be given a courtesy car while Bohlale processed her claim.

A month later Lithebe had not received the courtesy car after calling the company every day. Finally, a week ago, she received the car, but had to travel from Kroonstad to collect it from Bohlale's Randburg offices.

Lithebe said Bohlale had undertaken to replace her car with a courtesy vehicle of similar size and quality, but this has not been the case.

"I am using their courtesy car which is a hazard to my life.

"Its brake pads are faulty and I might cause an accident and be injured while driving this car," she said.

After Consumer Line's intervention Bohlale Solutions offered on Friday to pay Lithebe R245000 without explaining the shortfall.

Lithebe has not accepted this offer and wants Bohlale to get her a brand-new vehicle as stipulated in her contract.

Kealeboga Jonathan's car was also written off and she has battled for the past five months to get her claim processed.

Bohlale promised to process her claim, but two weeks later they have done nothing, Jonathan said.

"Their manager, Daniel Mathibe, told me he knew nothing about the matter and had not seen my file," she said.

Jonathan said she had enlisted the service of an attorney, but the company ignored his letter of demand.

"Their chief executive phoned me and promised to resolve my matter after I e-mailed a complaint to Motsweding FM.

"Despite written and telephonic demands, Bohlale Risk Solutions has not settled my claim even though I have accepted the offer they made.

"I am appealing to you as a woman to please intervene. Perhaps by publishing my frustration, my claim will be processed," Jonathan told us.

Jonathan's claim was finally settled last week after Consumer Line stepped in when she accepted a payment of R101000 despite a shortfall in the amount.

Bohlale's chief executive has not explained why the claims of these clients were not paid in full.