KZN kids break a leg with Jude

Mandla Mkhize

Mandla Mkhize

Award-winning British movie star Jude Law shared his acting skills with a local theatre group, the Golden Acre Young Zulu Warriors, on Tuesday night.

The group provided an incredible three-hour performance during a Carols by Candlelight performance at the Golden Acre Theatre at Cato Ridge, near Pietermaritzburg.

Law had read about the founder of the group, Heather Raynolds, who runs an orphanage that caters for 85 children.

Law said he was touched by Raynolds' passion for helping children.

Earlier this year Law's former wife, Sadie Frost, donated a house to Raynolds' project.

Raynolds, who is also a playwright and author, has written books about her experiences.

She has taken care of orphans since the 1980s, during the height of the political violence in South Africa.

All the children attend multiracial schools and are trained in drama, sport and music, she said.

In Tuesday's performance, Law played the part of a friend of a Zulu boy who is studying medicine before taking over as tribal king.

Law's character comes to the king's aid when he finds it difficult to cope with the death of his sister from HIV-Aids.