Dirty deals out in open

LONDON - Agent Willie McKay has criticised Lord Stevens' investigation into alleged illegal payments in football.

McKay revealed he was one of the eight agents who Lord Stevens said had failed to cooperate with the inquiry.

"I did not answer the questions because the Football Association had the information," he told the Daily Mirror.

"I was unhappy that my name appeared in newspaper articles that seem to have leaked from the inquiry team. It is no way to run a so-called investigation."

McKay said he had already given all the relevant information to the FA.

"I filled out all of the appropriate forms on all the deals at the time and there has never been any query about this," he said. "I have nothing to hide."

But Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore believes it is a "sensible idea" to suspend McKay and the seven other agents who have so far failed to cooperate with the inquiry.

"I find it totally incongruous and bizarre that instead of concentrating on transfer dealings, Lord Stevens chose to single out the PFA chief executive, Gordon Taylor.

"Clearly, I want to put as much pressure on anybody involved in this inquiry to bring forward evidence," Scudamore told BBC Radio Four.

"I don't know precisely what power the FA has over those agents. Clearly, it will be a matter for the FA."

Following a nine-month investigation, Lord Stevens revealed on Wednesday that 17 transfers - out of 362 - still require further investigation. But he did not reveal the names of the clubs or the players involved.

Scudamore has also denied suggestions that the Premier League had any influence on Lord Stevens' report.

In a leaked letter, which was sent to all Premiership club chairmen, Scudamore wrote: "... in respect of the Lord Stevens recommendations, we did feed back in the strongest terms the sentiments expressed by clubs in our meeting on 9 November.

"It would appear that these have been taken on board ... save for the concern regarding the agents of managers not being allowed to act for players at the same club." - BBC