Why men cheat and women do it better

For many years, the general consensus has been that men are better at cheating than women. Although this was never proven anywhere, everyone just believed it.

A South African author has rubbished all the claims and has actually discovered that women are better at cheating because they are “the underdogs”.

Lunga Ntuli says that because no one expects women to cheat, the focus has never really been on them but on men.

“They are the underdogs because when we look at them, we do not think about what they are capable of,” he says.

He adds that the biggest mistake that people have made for years is undermining women and their abilities.

“If you’ve got an athlete that is not in the starting line up, nobody talks about them but fact of the matter is that athlete does train with the team the only thing is that he does not start.”

In his new offering titled ‘Why Men Cheat & Women Do It Better”, Ntuli unveils all the myths surrounding cheating and also offers insights around why people get cheated on.

Speaking to Sowetan LIVE, Ntuli says that his book has five golden myths about why people cheat which includes dissatisfaction in the bedroom as well as long distance in the relationships.

“There is no married man who would literally leave his wife just because she can’t do certain sex positions.

“They actually find pleasure in that, because they actually get to do things and say ‘I’m the one who came up with this position,” he explains.

The book also gives 12 real reasons about why men cheat which include something Ntuli calls “T20 players rule”.

The rule is explained as a competition where a group of men can place a bet about who can hook up with a certain number of girls in a certain set period.

He said that although there is really no feelings involved in this type of cheating, it is one of the most common cause of cheating.

The book, according to Ntuli, was influenced by the need to know. He says a lot of people, himself included, have always been wondering why people cheat on their partners.

He went out and spoke to a lot of people asking questions around cheating.

Ntuli says that his book should in no way be compared to Steve Harvey’s ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’ because his book is about original South African and African stories.

What to look forward to in the book:

Five golden myths about cheating.

12 reasons why men cheat.

Six reasons why you are cheated on.

Four reasons why women cheat.

Eight reasons why women are better at cheating.

10 common mistakes to avoid in a relationship.

15 tricks used by cheaters.

The book is available throughout the country via resellers and those who are interested in buying can call 078 338 0849

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