AKA goes on 'Twitter rant' over Kendrick Lamar show

AKA born Kiernan Jordan Forbes left twitter socialites astonished by his bitterness over international acts getting what he termed ‘quality performances and special treatment’ than local artists.

Pulling a “Kanye West like” rant on the social network, Forbes complained that concert promoters always provide better sound equipment for international acts and expect local artists to use equipment which is “60% less adequate”.

The rapper who was not billed to perform at the concert went on to claim that local rappers performing at the MillerBoomtown were mistreated.

“Local artist were told if they walked on Kendrick's ramp he wouldn't perform...F*&ck. That s*&t,” he tweeted.

Miller Boomtown publicist Melanie Ramjee confirmed that AKA was not in the local act line up.

“It is not my duty to comment on AKA, but I can confirm to the public that AKA was not in the Miller Boomtown local line up for performing as an opening act,” she said.

The ‘Jealousy’ rapper further went on to announce that he was through with being an opening act for international artists.

"I've done them...Snoop, Yeezy, Neyo, Rick Ross, 2Chainz etc...THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO GAIN!," he wrote.

The rapper’s tweets created a conversation on Twitter with many criticizing the controversial star.

“Local acts don't have Sound Engineers, Mics, Effect Units & In-Ear monitors....They don't invest in their careers!!!”, @SkindeepSA  tweeted.

“This is exactly what I've been saying. If u're so frustrated, buy an expensive mixing board & pay a top notch team of engineers,” Vuzu presenter Dineo Moeketsi tweeted.

@MwaLeigh: "4 once I agree with him"@tG_IsBond: I actually agree with AKA. Y'all would never take a R100 to go to a local artist's concert"

@MarkR_21: "Don't agree with most of AKA's rants...but agree with this. I swear we're like the only country not to have concerts for our own artists"

@3000grams: "I agree with AKA. Read his TL, think about it & uzobon kuthi what he's saying is legit. But if u wanna laugh with the crowd then.. ayt."

This is not the first time Forbes has cried fowl over the treatment received by local stars at events.

Just last year he complained about 2Chainz getting better payment, quality sound and lights on stage than local acts.

“Why don't they pay local artists the same loot they pay international artists when they play/sing at the same gig, cause in Nigeria they do that,” he said.

He went on to state the sound & light quality is always ‘whack’ when they open yet when the international act performs everything becomes 3 times better.

AKA has since deleted the tweets but wrote this message on his twitter page this morning: “Only in SA can u get backlash for standing up for SA."