A birthday fit for a Sushi King

Kenny Kunene, known as The Sushi King, recently celebrated his 42nd birthday with a horde of provocatively clad beauties, celebrities and wannabes, including "aspirant protégés", known in the townships as izikhothane.

The Izikhothane - who stood out like a sore thumb at the huge gig - are groups of youngsters who gather to show off their expensive branded clothing. Their high is to then destroy (by fire) these symbols of opulence.

Kunene claims to be totally against this practice.

The Sushi King also discouraged the izikhothane's ritual of burning money and highlighted the importance of having a good education as well as being responsible role models.

Intriguingly, Kunene later encouraged the youths to always go for the best as he mentioned that his gear, including accessories, had cost an astronomical R113,000.

This article was first published in the printed newspaper on 25 October 2012