Lucia lives in Joburg, but loves Durban

Actress Lucia Mthiyane tells us about her favourite nightspot

SHE is a multi-talented superstar, actress, voice-over artist, singer and a budding chef.

Lucia Mthiyane, who was born and bred in Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal, says she loves Durban. She moved to Johannesburg in the early '90s to pursue her singing and acting careers.

The former history and English teacher says even though she lives in Johannesburg, Durban is still home. She tells us about Durban.

What do you like about Durban?

I love the see breeze and friendly people. I go there to regroup and for change. The restaurants are nice too.

What are your favourite restaurants there and why?

House of Curries is my favourite. It's very reasonable and has a beautiful vibe. Whether it is winter or summer, it is always lovely. The food is good.

What is your favourite nightspot in Durban?

I love going to Max Lifestyle in Umlazi. They have a very beautiful place and are on top of their game. It is not far from my house.

What makes Durban great?

Durban has a holiday spirit. Even if you go there for a weekend, you feel like you've been there forever. You can'tever go wrong with Durban curry.

Where do you chill with your friends?

We chill at Florida Road. We like to go to the Sun Coast where they have nice restaurants overlooking the sea.

What is your favourite tshisanyama in Durban?

Max Lifestyle in Umlazi. The meat is fresh and the place is neat and safe.

Where would you entertain a tourist in Durban?

I would take them to Mhlanga Rocks because it has many luxury hotels and apartments right on the beach. Mhlanga Rocks also has nice, classy and trendy bars and nice boutiques.

What is your favourite place for a quiet meal with your family?

The Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel has a very good restaurant called The Jewel of India. They serve authentic North Indian dishes. I also like the ambiance so that is where we would go for a quiet meal.

How do you see Durban's future?

The city's future is very bright. I think it is going to grow to the size of Joburg. The only thing Durban needs is a train from the airport to the city centre.

Where would you get the best spa treatment?

Sun Coast Hotel Spa. The spa is on the ninth floor and has gorgeous sea views. The treatments are amazing.