Nontombi will not be missed

I'M GOING to just say it - Real Goboza looks much better without Brenda "Nontombi" Ngxoli.

No more butchered Xhosa, out of place accent and celeb boot-leaking.

She was too much of a groupie to co-host a gossip show of Real Gobhoza's caliber.

Oh how I love the way the TV gods listen to viewers' prayers. Look, I have nothing personal against Ngxoli; she is an excellent actress, but that's where it ends. She should never try TV presenting again.

I have to say though, I am happy that the rumours about Somizi taking over from her did not come to fruition . I simply would not tolerate having him on my TV screen for more than 20 minutes - and on my favourite show.

What of his clumsy handling of the queen's language, inane and vindictive comments?

Like with Ngxoli, it was going to be a tall task for him to match the handsomer than thou Phat Joe's unique brand of humour. Joe, in a class of his own, is easy on the eye, funny and sounds like he was created to do the show.

It is a good thing that he is the only host. The move brought class to a show that was slowly going to the dogs.

Thanks God for Joe.

Each week on Tuesday afternoon I get some good old-fashioned belly laughs as I watch him offer his unapologetic critiques of celebrity dirt.

Talking about being unapologetic, I was excited to watch Alexis Shangana on the same show analysing the J&B Met fashion mishaps. How I wish she could be a permanent feature on the show, dishing out fashion critique. We really need someone who has an authoritative voice in the field. For a long time we've had to put up with second grade analysts.

With Shangana one could sense that the analysis was done by someone who was not there to promote her own personality cult.

We were not subjected to the usual drivel of vindictive, self-promoting analysts who were given a platform just because they are known for having a poisonous tongue or are friends with the powers that be in Real Gobhoza.

Shangana came across as someone who is very knowledgeable about fashion. The way she analysed the J&B's most low-profile moments and fashion choices, was very clean. She was eloquent, had no holy cows and was fair.

I'm sure even the people she criticised laughed the criticism off because it was not meant to destroy but to entertain.

Viewers are becoming more and more fastidious .

With Dstv's imported high quality shows and upping its game, SABC cannot afford to be found wanting. The public broadcaster needs to have people who know their story.

This could be achieved through creating space for other celebs. The pool of celebs the channel is using is boring.

Catch Real Gobhoza on SABC1, every Tuesdays at 18:00pm.