Chomee on a Soweto high

Here's where this hot performer hangs out at

SHE is one of the hottest performers in South Africa. Versatile, charming, and drop-dead gorgeous, Chomee has raw sex appeal that few women are able to pull off.

Her seductiveness and excellent performances have helped her snag both male and female fans. She hails from Dlamini, Zone 10, in Meadowlands, Soweto, and says her roots have had a huge influence on her career. Sowetan spoke to her about her township.

What do you like about Soweto?

I was born and bred in Soweto. I have a lot of beautiful memories from when I was still a baby, until my teen years.

Its warmth, cultural diversity and vibrancy helped me to understand South Africa as a whole. since it reflects all societies of the black population.

It groomed me into becoming the person I am, and that's one of the things I love Soweto for.

What's your favourite restaurant in Soweto and why?

Whenever I am in Soweto I go to either Panyaza, Chafpozi, Sakhumzi or Sedibeng Change-room, not forgetting Ubuntu Kraal for lunch with friends.

I choose them based on the mood I'm in at particular period of time. They are all different in their own way. Some excel in service, some have an ambiance that you don't find in the others and some have good prices.

What's your favourite fitness venue and why?

I enjoy training at home, because whenever I feel like hopping on the treadmill or doing some Pilates I can do so in the comfort of my home at whatever time I want to. And I can even train in my pyjamas without feeling embarrassed or shy.

Your favourite nightspot and why?

There are a couple, including Sedibeng, which is around the corner from my old house in Meadowlands.

Club 707 in Soweto, which has been around longer than all the nightspots I know, is another one of my favourites. There is also the popular The Rock, which is run by Daddy, a former dance legend, who used to train us when we were still kids.

Where do you do your shopping and why?

I do my shopping everywhere. I've been to all the malls - Maponya, Jabulani, Diepmeadow Dobsonville, Protea and Bara Malls, just to name a few.

It doesn't really matter where it is, just as long as I see something I like and can afford, I don't hesitate to make a decision to buy. But for my Kota I still prefer spazas.

Favourite hotel or B&B in Soweto and why?

I don't really go to a lot of hotels in Soweto, simply because Soweto is home for me, yet I have been to one named Vardos Place, which was really amazing; from the customer service, to the food they serve, and, their rooms were totally top class.

A lot of people do parties there and my company, 999, even shot a music video there for Pale.

What makes Soweto great?

The environment is just so spectacular; the people are humane, fun, loving and welcoming. It's got more than three million people, the biggest township in the world, as well as a rich history and liberation struggle icons, with great names like Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Richard Maponya, Kaizer Motaung, Jomo Sono, and not forgetting Mama Winnie Mandela, the Sisulus and many more.

Where do you chill with your friends?

Mostly at my home and their places. I love amusement parks and movies.

What's your favourite tshisanyama in Soweto?

I love tshisanyamas. They have a nice vibe. I go to Panyaza and Chafpozi depending on my mood.

Where would you entertain a tourist in Soweto and why?

I would first take them to Orlando West, the famous Vilakazi Street, just to give them a glimpse of our history. It gives them a chance to see the Mandelas' former house, Hector Pieterson Museum, the Sisulus' house.

Lunch will be served at a restaurant where we have a wide selection of African food and we'll end off the day with either a relaxed night at a jazz club or a very loud all-night dance party.

What do you see Soweto looking like in the future?

I would rather see it continue to prosper in producing great people like Arthur Mafokate, Simphiwe Tshabalala, Teko Modise, Winnie Khumalo and many more stars. It should remain warm and feed the world with information and culture.

What are the essential places to go to if you only have a weekend to visit Soweto?

Maponya Mall, all tshisanyamas, Orlando West (Tata Nelson Mandela and Mama Winnie's house) Hector Pieterson Museum, Kliptown, Orlando East (Bungee Jumping), African food restaurants.

What's your favourite place to go for a quiet meal with your family in Soweto?

If we were really to go out, there's still a wide selection of restaurants in Soweto, that is Sakhumzi, Wandi's, and so on

What's one thing you can only get in Soweto?

Its people, Baragwanath Hospital, the biggest hospital in Africa if not the whole world, its history, its vibrancy.

Where can you find the best:

  • Hair Salon: There are a couple of backyard ones but there is one in Phomolong and the other Pimville.
  • Best African dish: Wandi's, Sakhumzi.
  • All-night dance party: The Rock, Cub 707.