Bonang Matheba has bags in mind

She has teamed up with Botswana-born fashion designer Koketso Chiepe

ON her way to fashion domination Bonang  Matheba, aka B,  decided she  didn’t only  want to dress  women with  her Just B Legit  range, so she  added handbags to her  name.

In March the  darling of television and budding businesswoman  launched a  handbag label  called Baby  Star.

Matheba has  teamed up with London-based and Botswana-born fashion  designer Koketso Chiepe.

She described her bag range  as a high-end collection “for  upward mobile women who are  not afraid to celebrate their  femininity through style and  colour”.

The cowboy-inspired range is  made in Cape Town.

The bags retail at between  R650 and  R1200.

Matheba is still looking for alternative distribution, but for  now orders can  be made  through her  site.

Matheba says  a lot of creativity went into  the designs.

But not  everyone  thinks so.

Her range was met  with rather  unkind reviews  on social pages,  with many saying the bags  were tacky and overpriced. Some critics went as far as to  say that the bags were suitable  for drag queens.

Matheba said the bag line  was an idea of hers for years,  but she was looking for the  perfect business partner.