'MEC Wodumo' throws her hubby out over money

Onicca Moloi and her husband Kabelo during happier times.
Onicca Moloi and her husband Kabelo during happier times.

Flamboyant Limpopo MEC for arts, sports and culture Onicca Moloi allegedly threw a bunch of underwear and socks at her husband Kabelo Moloi in front of family members and a domestic worker - before chasing him out of their Polokwane home "like a dog".

Moloi allegedly kicked Kabelo out of her parliamentary village house on January 25 after accusing him of being a loafer and taking her money without her consent.

The squabble, which was kept hush hush, happened two months after the couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary at a lavish occasion at Seshego township in November.

Kabelo has now moved to Fourways, Joburg, and has cut all communication with his wife.

Moloi, who is popularly known as "MEC Wodumo" for her colourful lifestyle which she regularly shares on social media, declined to comment.

"I prefer not to talk about my private life in the media. I hope you respect that," she said.

Kabelo confirmed that Moloi kicked him to the curb but refused to divulge the reason behind their fall-out.

"I can confirm that I was chased out of the house like a dog and I'm hurting. But I don't want to talk about this matter [further] in the media because I respect my family and privacy," he said.

However, three independent sources - a family member, politician and government official - confirmed that the Moloi's decade-old union is disintegrating after a tiff over money.

The family member, who did not want to be named, confirmed the two have drifted apart.

Flamboyant Limpopo MEC for arts, sports and culture Onicca Moloi.
Flamboyant Limpopo MEC for arts, sports and culture Onicca Moloi.

"Onicca chased Kabelo out of the house on January 25 and he is now staying in Fourways, trying to build his trucking business."

The relative said problems began when Kabelo asked Moloi to lend him a few thousand rands to add to the money he received from his car insurance payout after he wrote off their car in an accident.

He needed the money to buy some goods.

"Onicca refused and told him to stop being a loafer and go work like other men. The following day Kabelo came across a few thousand rands which Onicca had hidden in the kids' wardrobe and took it," said the relative.

The family member said Moloi blew her gasket when she returned home and discovered the moolah was missing.

" Kabelo was not home when she returned, as he was in Joburg, and when he returned home on January 24, she locked him out of their bedroom, leaving him to crash on the couch in the TV room," said the relative.

The relative also said the following day Moloi stuffed Kabelo's clothes in refuse bags.

Onicca Moloi
Onicca Moloi

"Kabelo kept his cool and went into their bedroom to fetch underwear and socks to wear after freshening up.

"He then walked towards the TV room after showering [apparently to bid his family members and the domestic worker goodbye].

"Moloi arrived with a plastic bag full of his undies and socks and threw it at him and told him to leave as she no longer loved him.

"The plastic fell to the ground and the undies and socks scattered all over the floor. Such humiliation," said the family member.

A politician, who is close to the couple, also confirmed that the love between Onicca and Kabelo has petered out.

"They are no longer together, but please don't write this because she may not be able to handle it, she too is hurting," said the politician.

"It's done. She is not handling it well. She was admitted to hospital on Wednesday partly because she is stressed out by this.

"Her subordinates bought her flowers on Friday and cards to wish her well and a speedy recovery. I think what also worried her was that they stole her phone at the hospital," said the official.         

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