Macfarlane Moleli faces festive season as a pedestrian

Presenter of M-Net's investigative current affairs show Carte Blanche Macfarlane Moleli is likely to join a long queue of passengers at taxi ranks for all his movements this festive season.

That is if BMW Financial Services has its way and secures a court order forcing Moleli, pictured, to part ways with his 2012 BMW 520d, M-Sport.

The German car maker, through its finance division, filed a court application on Friday at the South Gauteng High Court in Jozi asking the court to instruct the sheriff to pay Moleli a visit that will result in him becoming an immediate pedestrian.

According to court documents seen by Sunday World, Moleli had defaulted on his car instalments for four months, leading to arrears of about just over R30000.

The papers show that the former eNCA anchor bought the German machine second hand for R331496 in November last year.

A 2012 BMW 520d like this one that is the subject of a court application.
A 2012 BMW 520d like this one that is the subject of a court application.

The documents state that the former Kaya FM newsreader was supposed to pay more than R520000 at the end of his repayments that included interest of R170000.

According to the credit agreement, Moleli was expected to fork out a monthly instalment of R7230.93 from January this year, and his final instalment was to be made on December 1 2022.

However, according to court documents, Moleli failed to adhere to the agreement. "In breach of the credit agreement, the respondent failed to effect the monthly payments due to the applicant.

The respondent was at 1 November 2017, in arrears in the amount of R30522.76, and the balance outstanding is the amount of R464 89.97."

The documents further said that Moleli, despite receipt of notices instructing him to surrender the car in line with the National Credit Act, failed to hand over the road beast.

When contacted for comment, Moleli said he was not aware about the application.

"I have not received documents like that, my brother. Otherwise I have been consistent with all my payments which are done by debit order."

Moleli confirmed he was driving a BMW 5 series, but said his was not a sport version.