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7 awesome things you didn’t know about the modern car

Here are the steps to take, whether you bought the car from a private dealer or a dealership

Image: Supplied/National Positions

Cars make our lives easier. They evolve almost as rapidly as South Africa’s fuel prices change, which makes them pretty hard to keep up with. As technology advances, cars will continue to amaze us as their designers fit them with the newest gadgets and modern technology. 

Because October was National Transport Month, we look at seven awesome facts you didn’t know about modern cars and what makes them so exciting as a mode of transport.

1. They can park for you

Many drivers’ worst nightmare is parallel parking. For some drivers, the pressure of having to parallel park perfectly while the public looks on is almost too much. Don’t worry, though, because there are certain modern cars created by the likes of Ford, Volkswagen and Renault that can do this for you. At the touch of a button, they’re able to safely park themselves even in tricky parking spaces.

2. No more drowsy driving

If you’re driving while drowsy, your car will let you know. Instead of thinking, “I’m a bit sleepy but I’m sure I’ll make it home,” your modern Volvo, BMW or Mercedes-Benz will scan your face and monitor your eye and head movements. If it detects you’re too drowsy to drive, it will alert you to take a break. This can come in handy and prevent an accident.

3. They can have self-drying brakes

Imagine your brakes are able to dry automatically after you’ve driven through a puddle. Wet brakes can hamper your stopping time. However, the new brake drying system invented by BMW is activated through a windshield sensor and will dry your brakes when they get wet. This makes it easier for you to stop without skidding, especially when you’re driving in wet weather conditions.

4. An extra pair of eyes

This one’s especially for those unwanted yet often unavoidable traffic jams. In the traffic, we often sing along to our favourite song or fix our make-up or hair, among other things. Because cars have evolved dramatically, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Subaru has invented a car that alerts you when stationary traffic has finally started moving. This feature is called EyeSight. If you become distracted and your eyes are off the road while in traffic, the EyeSight feature will beep to alert you. This means you can act before you upset other drivers.

5. They make internal air free from pollutants

If you suffer from allergies, whether chronic or seasonal, you should be safe in modern cars. Certain vehicles have filters that can eliminate about 80% of pollen and any other pollutants that may enter your car, making it difficult for you to breathe or even drive properly. The filters also block out harmful exhaust fumes.

6. Individual temperature regulation

It’s normal to turn on the air conditioning if you’re feeling hot, only to discover your passengers don’t feel the same way about the weather. Many newer luxury cars feature the latest specialised air con systems for every passenger in a vehicle. This allows you to set the temperature according to your preference without affecting the comfort of whoever’s next to you.

7. Massages after a long day

Why pay money for a back massage at a spa when a car can do it for you? For those who practically live in their cars or those who just enjoy a little bit of luxury, Kia and Ford have stepped up and catered to you. This function not only gives a soothing massage, but you’re also able to warm or cool the car seats to maximise the experience.

When it comes to cars, always ask yourself: “What’s next?” In the future, you may find yourself buying a car that talks…

If you’re considering buying a modern car soon or if you already have one, make sure you have car insurance so that in the unfortunate event of an accident, you and other drivers are protected.

This article was paid for by MiWay.