Expert tips on how to choose colours for your home

Image: Supplied/Duram

As the season changes, it might not just be your wardrobe that needs a makeover.

The space that you inhabit also plays a big part in your mood, so why not look at changing that up?

We spoke to Nicky Hoeks, Duram marketing manager, about trends to look out for and how to revise your space without burning a hole in your pocket.

What is psychology of colour?

Colours can set a specific mood for different rooms. Choose calming blues and greens for living spaces and bedrooms, and warm, uplifting yellows, oranges and reds for kitchens and dining areas.

What colour trends have you noticed in 2020?

There is a move towards more conscious and sustainable living, which includes colours inspired by nature.

 How do I choose the right colour for my home?

We suggest trying a sample first. Paint a test patch and see how the colour subtly adapts to the changing light throughout the day.

Which finish should I choose?

Ideal for interior living spaces, matt is least reflective and hides imperfections. Medium sheen creates an elegant interior for high wear areas.  Popular low sheens are durable with a soft glow ideal for interior and exterior.

When would I use a textured paint?

A textured finish covers hairline cracks, hides plaster imperfections and offers all-weather protection on exterior walls.  Choose a shade or two darker as exterior colours are mostly admired in natural daylight.

Where would I use an enamel?

An enamel offers a tough and extremely durable finish for doors, windows, skirtings and furniture. Choose a statement colour for your front door.

Which is the best room to be more playful with colour?

Often with little natural light, paint bathrooms in stronger colours to create a dramatic yet intimate space. At Duram we have the Bathroom & Kitchen collection, which is a hygienic paint that protects against black stains, steam and moisture.

How can I make my living room look larger?

Pale neutrals create the illusion of space and create serenity and an airier feel.  To create light and space, we love Lady Grey from the Habitat Colour Collection. Use this light colour on the largest surface area.

Can you suggest a warm neutral colour palette with earthy undertones?

We are seeing a trend towards warm colours – we suggest trying Otter Trail, Little Karoo and Darling White from our Habitat Colour Collection.

Where can I find the Habitat Collection?

You can visit the Colour section on the Duram website, and search for participating stockists.