Where has ubuntu disappeared to?

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Humans turn to God to seek divine intervention, and run to the ancestors' graves for blessings when things don't go their way.

However, criminals have turned those cemeteries into hunting grounds, and not to be outdone, the ladies of the night have turned them into brothels, serving their horny clients above the remains of our dearly departed. How are they supposed to get eternal rest?

Churches are supposed to be holy places of worship, and cemeteries the final resting place of the dead, yet we do all sorts of criminal activities there, from vandalizing tombstones and stealing, to having sex in churches and cemeteries.

Today when a goods' truck overturns, we ululate and celebrate the unexpected manna from heaven. We then sprint to it so fast that Usain Bolt would envy our running talents.

We don't even check on the driver and his or her assistants, we would rather loot as much as we can. Has life become so cheap that we embrace such ill-gotten, blood-soaked items?

Is this how our parents raised us, to behave like wild animals and thieves while someone is dying. With this kind of behavior, bad luck will surely follow and God will punish us.

What happened to the spirit of ubuntu, which we once held so high for everybody to see? What happened to this wonderful spirit which seems to be eroding so fast?

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla

Halfway House

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