We can be debt-free and moneywise if we stopped keeping up with Joneses

Spending money
Spending money

The majority of South Africans are trapped in debt and poverty because we are not financially stable or disciplined.

We do need credit at some point in our lives but we need to differentiate between good and bad debt. A house bond is a future investment. A car is a good asset. Borrowing money to buy food is not recommended but does make sense because we all need food in order to survive.

We can survive without a music system or a plasma TV because these are wants, not needs - and they are unnecessary debt. Competing with our neighbours over material possessions is a waste of time and money. Do we know where our neighbours get their money from, and how?

But "sithanda ukubagcwalisela sigcine siphakathi kwengxabaxa yezikolodo sithi siyaba gcwalisela". [we like to show them and end up in huge debt].

Basic food prices go up everyday. We need to tighten our belts and follow strict budgets. Buy only using cash, look out for end of the month specials and buy using lay-bye methods.

Its very convenient as you will get your goods when they are paid off.

Lets live within our our means and be debt free, stop showing off by spending money we don't have. Cash killed Mr Credit instantly. Be money wise.

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla

Halfway House