Mother of eight living on welfare wants more children

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Single and unemployed mother Marie Buchan is not letting her financial situation get in the way of her dream of having 13 kids.

According to the Dailymail, 32-year-old Buchan managed to give birth to 8 kids in thirteen years before being forced to undergo a hysterectomy due to the strain on her body.

She now plans to have two more using a surrogate mother.

‘I love being pregnant and surrounded by kids. If I can’t have more babies myself, the next best thing would be to use a surrogate. People might criticise me. But it is my right to have as many children as I want,’ she was quoted saying.

Buchan’s plans to expand her family have angered many in the town of Selly Oak, Birmingham as the single mother supports her family through the help of taxpayers.

Marie Buchan and her family reportedly live on benefits of about £2,000-a-month (more than R35000).

According to the report, Buchan has already calculated that she will get an extra £70 a week in welfare payments with the addition of two more kids.

She currently receives more than £2,200 a month in state handouts – £440 in child benefit, £1,604 in tax credits and £183 in income support, which leaves her with a monthly disposable income of £600, writes Dailymail.

Rent is an expense that she doesn’t worry about as she and her children live in a £200,000 three-bedroom semi-detached council house.

The father of her children reportedly left their home last year as he couldn’t handle the stress of having so many children. He now visits them on weekends.