SACP vows to step up fight against corruption‚ corporate capture and misgovernance

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande. Picture Credit: Gallo Images
Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande. Picture Credit: Gallo Images

South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande on Saturday called for an escalation in active mobilisation to fight corruption‚ corporate capture‚ misgovernance and maladministration.

Speaking at a National Imbizo convened by the SACP‚ Nzimande said that decisions such as the “irregular” re-appointment of Brian Molefe as CEO of Eskom must not be allowed to prevail.

“Such decisions are pervasive‚ to say the least‚” he stated.

Nzimande added that the ongoing struggle to advance‚ deepen and defend the country’s national democratic transformation had reached one of its more difficult and vulnerable moments.

This was the message being conveyed from both within and outside the party.

“Whilst the sites of the challenges we face are both inside and outside government‚ the weakest link has increasingly become concentrated within our own ANC-headed Alliance (with the ANC as the epicentre) at both national and sub-national levels and both inside and outside government‚” he said.

“The nub of the matter is that alien substance has now found its way in the ranks of our movement and government and is contaminating the DNA of our revolutionary politics. This is very rise of private‚ personal and profit interests that seek to displace the interests of the people as whole and take control of our basic wealth and public resources. Linked with the problem‚ both organisationally and in government‚ is the corrupting and factionalising influence of private corporations‚ including corporate capture on sections of leadership‚ public representatives and the bureaucracy at all levels‚” Nzimande added.

“It is inconceivable that we will succeed to safeguard our democratic national sovereignty‚ overcome the stranglehold of monopoly capital‚ both its foreign and domestic colonial-apartheid-era strata‚ and drive our historical struggle to achieve freedom‚ without dislodging the parasites that are weakening our strategic capacity and discipline. This in our view has become an immediate task we all need to unite behind!

“In all this‚ at least for us as the SACP‚ it is absolutely imperative that the interests of the majority of our people‚ the working class and its broader impoverished social strata‚ become a strategic priority and hegemonic in all centres of public power‚ including state owned enterprises. We believe that without notable progress on this front and ultimately a success‚ the decline of support for our current ANC-headed alliance electoral platform and associated with it the stagnation of the national democratic revolution will continue. This will result in terminal consequences not only for the ANC‚” Nzimande asserted.