Convicted murderer Krejcir offers to turn State witness

Czech underworld boss Radovan Krejcir is offering to give evidence against senior law enforcement officials he allegedly colluded with‚ in return for a lighter sentence.

This is according to a letter by his attorney‚ sent to Andrew Chauke‚ the Director of Public Prosecutions in Gauteng‚ made public on Wednesday by AfriForum and investigator Paul O’Sullivan at the launch of their Anti-corruption Unit.

Journalist and author of the book “Killing Kebble“‚ Mandy Wiener‚ reported that Krejcir today told the High Court he didn’t give his lawyer instruction to send the state witness offer to the NPA‚ but the letter is legitimate.

AfriForum‚ a civil rights organisation‚ said systemic corruption could bring any country to its knees and as a result‚ “decided to take this opportunity to expose how the criminal justice system had been captured by the underworld”.

“The very institutions who have been entrusted to uphold our codes of law and protect us from crime‚ have instead been infiltrated by criminals with badges who have decided to rather form partnerships with the underworld. Now corrupt politicians can satisfy their own greed with total impunity‚ being held above the law. Instead of protecting South Africans‚ they have become the enemy of South Africans and have abandoned their oaths of office and pledges to abide by the Constitution‚” said Monique Taute‚ Head of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit.

O’Sullivan and AfriForum said that Krejcir had been able to penetrate almost every organ of State‚ which had enabled him to unleash a crime wave the likes of which the country had never seen before.

“None of Krejcir’s crimes would have been possible without the assistance and protection of senior officials within the criminal justice system‚ who‚ instead of locking him up‚ colluded with him to commit fraud‚ corruption‚ racketeering‚ robbery and murder‚ and to defeat the ends of justice‚” said O’Sullivan.

The letter by Eric Leigh Bryer‚ attorney acting on behalf of Krejcir‚ is dated October 4‚ 2016 and reads:

“Dear Si


My meeting with your Mr. du Toit on the 4th instant refers.

I confirm advising that I act for Mr. Krejcir and hold a specific mandate dated July 22‚ 2016 to negotiate a settlement on his behalf concerning the cases that he faces.

My instructions are that my client will plead guilty to all charges if he is given a concurrent ten year jail sentence in respect of each offence.

Client seeks voluntary extradition in return therefore.

Client is prepared to turn state witness in respect of these cases to assist.

Furthermore I am instructed that client had collusive corrupt dealings with the likes of (four senior State officials‚ names removed for legal reasons)

My instructions are that he is prepared to undergo extensive debriefing and to testify in respect thereof from his home Country of Czech Republic where adequate security will be given.

If accepted the state will save astronomical costs.

My further instructions are that my client has the approval of his home country through his attorneys based there.

Please consider the above and revert to me at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.”

Krejcir is already serving time after being convicted earlier this year for his role in the kidnapping and torture of a man following a botched drug deal.

 He was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

He‚ along with co-accused‚ is also charged with murdering Lebanese national and drug dealer Sam Issa. They also face charges of conspiracy to commit robbery‚ conspiracy to commit murder and possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

Issa was shot dead in an apparent hit in Bedfordview on October 12 2013 while sitting in his car.