Father 'kills baby in rage'

A MAN allegedly killed his six-month-old baby by throwing him on the floor after arguing with the child's mother for wearing a miniskirt.

Lehlogonolo Motsileng, 28, yesterday appeared in the Mogwase Magistrate's Court to face a charge of murder.

The case was postponed to next week Tuesday to allow Motsileng to organise legal representation. He was remanded in custody.

The child's mother, Lerato Motseokae, 31, said Motsileng had had too much to drink when the incident occurred and was also high on nyaope.

Motseokae believes the incident was sparked by an argument over her wearing a miniskirt.

She said Motsileng arrived at her home highly intoxicated while she was doing laundry on Wednesday. He found her wearing a miniskirt.

"He told me to go and dress properly. I kept quiet and refused. He made noise and left," she said.

Later that day, Motsileng returned and asked her to give him his baby.

"I was not suspecting anything," Motseokae said.

"He took the baby and kept on shouting at me for wearing a miniskirt," the grieving mother said.

Motseokae said she then asked Motsileng to give her back the baby as she wanted to breastfeed him.

Motseokae said Motsileng became angry and threw the baby on the ground.

The baby had bruises on his head and his neck was unstable.

He was then taken to hospital where he was declared dead.

According to Motsileng's father, Steven Motsileng, his son was slowly destroyed by nyaope.

"He is a good, caring boy. His problem is this nyaope and alcohol," he said.

He said he was hoping that his son would marry Motseokae soon.

"She was his first girlfriend and they looked happy. I was also happy because now I had a grandson . now this happens," he said.

Motsileng's mother, Lydia Motsileng, said even though she loved her son, she wanted him to serve a deserving sentence in jail.

"In that way, he will be able to grow and come back a changed man. He has to pay for what he has done," she said.



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