T.B. Joshua lambasts money-hungry pastors and politicians

Nigerian Pastor T.B Joshua had a special message for his congregants this past Sunday.

According to a report on nigerianeye.com, the controversial Pastor focused on his sermon for the day on money-hungry pastors and politicians.

Joshua warned pastors against trying to force people to give offerings and tithes in the church.

“It’s Scriptural to ask for offering and tithes but it has to come from the heart,” he was quoted saying..

“Anything that does not come from your heart becomes a curse to the person you give. We ministers of God should allow the congregation to bless us, not curse us with their possessions,” he added.

Joshua also touched on the upcoming Nigerian elections and lambasted politicians who tried to buy votes from people through false promises.

“You can’t force someone to love you. In elections, you see political parties campaigning, saying they will build mansions, bring constant electricity and water… Love should be given voluntarily – without being forced,” he said.

The clergy man who has been embroiled in an ongoing investigation following the collapse of his church building last year also touched on the subject of congregants who had decided to turn their backs on his church.

“I did not know when you came here, so when you are going, it is unnecessary for me to know. You want to fight a member because he left your church. Whose church? God’s church. Christianity is a thing of the heart,” he said.