'We will not be shaken': EFF

The EFF will not be shaken or prevented from engaging in robust discussions in parliament said party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

Speaking during a TV interview with ENCA, Ndlozi said that the EFF would not be shaken by the security cluster’s decision to take ‘stronger action’ against future disruptions in parliament.

“We did not break any law in this country”, he said.

“We have a responsibility to hold the executive accountable,” he added.

“It demonstrates huge gaps and misunderstandings of how our country and law works that a response on a parliamentary issue is offered by something called the security cluster,” said Ndlozi.

Ndlozi stated that the security cluster should rather focus their energy on Jacob Zuma.

“They should have come out against the president who is undermining the institution of the public protector.

The president must come out and answer when he is paying back the money,” he said.

Ndlozi said that the EFF would not be intimidated but would continue to raise heated debates in parliament.

“We will continue to raise issues robustly; we will continue to engage in those legal actions that we are given by the law of this country to hold the government accountable,” he said.

Ndlozi also raised concern at parliament’s interference in police matters.

“Remember what Gwede Mantashe has demonstrated is that the ANC finds it right to give police political instructions,” he said.

Earlier today the Justice Crime and Prevention Cluster (JCPS) led by Mapisa -Nqakula told reporters at a media briefing that they planned to put in place a contingency plan to deal with chaotic disruptions to parliamentary proceedings.

"Certain measures by the security cluster have been put in place with immediate effect to ensure that never occurs again," she said.