‘Big Man’ the gang boss returns to Rhythm city

After working in productions such as Colour TV, Hopeville and 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls, Quincy Fynn will be returning to the cast of Rhythm City.

Fynn will be playing the role of ‘Big Man’/Bryon a big, solid, prosperous gang boss who later becomes a Gail October (Pam Andrews)’s love interest.

This will be his second return to the show.

The internationally trained actor has been in the industry for many years and ‘earned his stripes’ however like all other freelance artists getting roles is still difficult.

“The role was initially given to me for a few episodes and I sucked at it, says Fynn who blames nerves for the initial failure.

“As a freelance actor jobs are far and in-between so when I got the opportunity I placed so much importance on it and ended up putting way too much pressure on myself”.

Fynn failed to impress the producers who then decided to search for another actor for the role.

“I found out that the producers had decided to recast for the role so I called and asked to be given another chance.”

“When I got back my approach was totally different, I was more relaxed and I guess they picked up on it agreed to give me another shot.”

Although Fynn feels that coloured actors are usually typecast into gangster or fisherman roles, he says he took on this character to bring a different angle and give a more realistic view as opposed to what is normally portrayed.

“I feel like a lot of actors don’t know the world so they take whatever is written in scripts as a true reflection,” he says.

“I’m lucky to be given a bit of freedom to add my own understanding to the character so that makes it more real.”

‘Big man’ is also David Genaro’s former prison mate which means Fynn had a chance to work closely with an actor he has a lot of respect for, Jamie Bartlett.

“Working with Jamie Bartlett is like being in an acting Master Class. He takes the script and it gives it his own interpretation without comprising the storyline,” he says.

“One can learn a lot from an actor of his calibre,” he says.

Fynn will make his re-appearance on our screens from Friday, 8 August.