Sex tape prison officer is fired from job

Mr Big was dismissed this week, after a disciplinary hearing, following the 'embarrassment' over his scandalous sex video with a cop

The dismissal this week of a correctional officer filmed having sex with a policewoman in a hospital, was welcomed by Parliament’s correctional services portfolio committee on Thursday.

“We are happy with the decision to dismiss the officer, and we commend the speedy way in which the case was handled,” committee chairman Vincent Smith said in a statement.

The parliamentary report states that the correctional officer was suspended by the department and subsequently fired on Tuesday this week, after a disciplinary hearing.

On August 15, a report about the correctional officer having sex with the policewoman was published by the Sowetan newspaper.

The pair, both in uniform, were on duty and supposed to be guarding a prisoner at the hospital at the time.

The pictures caused embarrassment to both the department of correctional services and the police.

According to the Sowetan, the correctional officer filmed the encounter himself.

  • The female cop in the video spoke to Sunday World about the scandal.

She’s been receiving counselling, organised by her employer the SAPS and she is suspended from work without pay.

“People have been spreading lies that I have committed suicide. I won’t. I won’t give them that satisfaction,” she says defiantly.

“What I’m more interested in is the identity of the person who leaked that video to the press. I think I need that for my sanity.

“I need to know who this vindictive person is who hated me so much that he or she had to let the whole nation know.”

The policewoman (42) lives in Kagiso township, where she is renting a back room.

“What angers me is that everyone seems to be baying for my blood and that guy in the video is not bothered by what he did,” she says.

Though she won’t speak about the relations that made her and the warder the talk of the town, it’s clear from the video that the two did not have a solid rapport, because during the video she asks him if he is sure that he is HIV negative, to which the fervent prison warder replies: “Mmm... ja”.

Her younger sister is standing by her.

“I don’t know where we would be were if not for the prayers,” she says. And then she goes quiet for a while. “It could have happened to anyone and people act like they have never stepped out of line.”

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