Schoolboys caught in girls dormitory

Allegedly engaged in sexual activity with female pupils at the school

Boys at a Pietermaritzburg high school who were caught in a girls’ dormitory have been suspended from boarding at the school, the KwaZulu-Natal education department said on Thursday.

“The learners were only suspended from the hostel; they are allowed to continue with normal schooling,” department spokeswoman Mbali Thusi said.

The pupils are from Sukuma Comprehensive High School in Imbali township outside Pietermaritzburg.

Twenty-two boys were found in the girls’ hostel on August 6, which was in breach of the hostel rules.

They allegedly engaged in sexual activity with female pupils at the school.

On Wednesday the pupils and their parents were called to a meeting where the decision to suspend them was taken.

Thusi stressed that despite suspicions, there was no evidence that they were caught having sex.    

“Further investigations are still continuing including getting information from the housekeepers who were on duty during this period to give an account of what had happened,” she said.

Some parents had questioned the decision to suspend the pupils without taking action against the housekeepers at the boarding school.