Pass laws to stop xenophobia

BLOOD has been spilt in the world for various reasons.

BLOOD has been spilt in the world for various reasons.

South Africa is hosting the World Cup and everyone is happy. We Africans call it an African World Cup. Did we only embrace each other for soccer?

Talk of xenophobia is back.

People have said on TV that they cannot get jobs because their sisters and brothers from other parts of Africa are taking them and they work for a lower wage.

A desperate, unemployed person would agree to anything. We kill each other for a life source. Some Africans had to steal petrol from an overturned petrol tanker to buy food and they burnt to death.

Africa has civil wars. What causes that on the wealthiest continent on the planet in terms of resources? Wars are foughtover wealth that is meant for all the people.

How are citizens supposed to be protected from being killed in other countries?

I voted. I could not be a leader so I voted for those I thought would lead us out of poverty, anger and despair.

But now I see my brother as a threat to the little food I have? Where killing is the solution for me to get food. Where hatred and anger overrules my conscience. When I was told I could vote I thought all my problems were over. But now I see my African brothers as an enemy.

Leaders should pass laws to prevent this ugly thing called xenophobia. Will attacking our brothers and sisters change our labour laws? Will closing our borders ensure employment for all citizens?

Emelda Nkosi, Pimville