Living within limits is best

THIS time of the year marks six months since we excitedly ushered in the New Year and made resolutions we promised ourselves we would keep no matter what.

Those who stuck to their resolutions will testify to the satisfaction that comes from achieving what they had set out to do. Those who haven't, and perhaps fell off the wagon, can use this time to review areas in their lives that need a little improvement.

This could be anything from sticking to a budget, committing to guilt-free shopping or living a healthier life.

Highest on most people's list of priorities would be getting rid of debt. This means a review of spending habits and dodging the debt trap in the first place.

Getting rid of excess in our lives is difficult because the temptation to accumulate more things is great. How often have you been tempted to splurge on something you didn't need because you could get another one for free?

Adopting a "less is more" attitude to life would not only result in more money in the pocket but also a better quality of life, experts have said.

This could be as mundane as boycotting plastic shopping bags, recycling old bottles and papers accumulating in your home, and deciding to get by with less.

Living within our means not only relieves the pressure of accumulating more but also means a less cluttered life.