Rantebeng is not a 'playboy'

IN GENERATIONS he played Thomas Mashaba, a playboy and hunk who easily charms his way straight into women's hearts.

But in real life Rantebeng Makapan is nothing like his character that made him a name in the television industry.

Makapan was introduced to television viewers as Kenneth Mashaba's spoilt-brat son, who ended-up sleeping with his stepmother Dineo.

Since then his name is on everyone's lips. Behind that idiotic behaviour he portrayed in Generations is a well-read guy who is very passionate about what he assimilates.

He is humble, funny and outspoken I noticed when we chatted about his current role in Erfsondes, an Afrikaans drama series that airs on Tuesdays on SABC2.

In Erfsondes Makapan plays a guy called Special Motaung, who is very ambitious.

His transition from being an ungrateful son in Generations to a funny guy in Erfsondes is an interesting one.

"Special is a chubby guy similar to Thomas Mashaba. He always wants to contribute and help others," he says.

Makapan was born in Mafikeng but grew-up in a small village outside Hammanskraal called Makapanstad.

He says Rantebeng tend to differ from all three other characters he has portrayed.

"Personally I am a not person who goes to the gym regularly like my Generations character, but I do it once in a while," he says. "In Generations Thomas had to keep his six-pack to impress the girls."

Makapan says he hates it when people put him in a box.

"I am not a television actor but I am an actor. If I am not doing a television show I am in the theatre, which surprises a lot of people. I am a professional actor who is trained to do anything."

Last month he did a Janine Lewis theatre show called Without Blood at the South African State theatre in Pretoria. The story is about damage, longing and forgiveness.

Makapan will also be appearing in a sitcom, Radical Rasdiene, in October. It will be shown on SABC2.

In this comedy he plays the part a sports journalist and he says the character is testing his skills.

"This year I wanted to push myself. I want to do things that I never did before to grow as an actor," Makapan says.

Makapan takes his art seriously.

"I have passion for the art of acting. I became an actor not for fame and other perks. I really take what I do very seriously."