HANDY tips from Nedbank.

HANDY tips from Nedbank.

Ensure that you sign all your cards as soon as you receive them.

Protect your cards as if they were cash.

Be alert to what is happening to your card when doing a transaction.

l Never let your card out of your sight. When paying at a restaurant, request that the device be brought to you.

Be aware of your surroundings and don't allow yourself to be crowded at an ATM. When queuing, stand well behind the person using the ATM and ensure that the person queuing behind you keeps a reasonable distance from you.

Stand close to the ATM and shield your movements with your hand and body when keying in your PIN.

Only key in your PIN when prompted to do so by the terminal, not when requested to do so by a stranger.

Never enter your PIN if the card appears to be stuck.

l Check that the card returned to you after every transaction is yours.

Refrain from spending excessive time at an ATM.

Draw your money and leave. Don't rummage in your bag or briefcase or make notes in your diary and so on.

If your card is lost or stolen or is retained in an ATM, cancel it immediately (toll free numbers are displayed on the ATM).

Be wary of "helpful" strangers who offer you cellphone assistance to cancel your card.

Report all incidents of ATM crime to the bank and the police.

Retain transaction slips and check them against your statement.

Query unauthorised debits as soon as possible using the relevant contact numbers on your statement.

Reduce your daily or monthly limit at your branch to match your average usage. Excessive limits will increase your exposure if your card is stolen or skimmed.

l Regularly check that you have all your cards with you.