Slick Swedish hatchback is no ugly duckling

I THINK I want to live in Sweden.

I THINK I want to live in Sweden.

Not only do they have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe at 7,5percent, but if you find yourself jobless you get 80percent of your yearly income!

Just think about it . for a whole year you can sit at home on the sofa watching Jonkopings Sodra Idrottsforening in the Swedish PSL while quaffing cans of Dugges Ale och Porterbryggen (try saying that after a half a dozen cans).

If that's not your thing, when you are unemployed you can further your studies - all paid for by the government - up to and including university level.

Day-care facilities are free for children up to five and education is mahala.

Oh, and their cars aren't half bad either. Take for example the Volvo C30, which someone I know described as "looking like a frog".

But a nice frog and one that after a while grows on you. With its unusual sloping rear window, its design is unique. Not everyone will like it but scratch below that unusual exterior and the vehicle is 100percent Volvo quality.

Five accessory packages are available. The top package costs R27000, with a base price of R271000. Leather seats, six airbags and a stereo system are standard.

There are also a host of safety features that include crumple zones and ABS brakes. The 2.0litre model on test came with a six-speed automatic gearbox, cruise control and a multi-function steering wheel.

The interior is totally retro but features very cool brushed aluminum engraved with designs, a talking point for anyone taking a ride in this two-door hatchback.

Volvo are offering a R20000 discount until the end of the month.