Negativity against Bafana not solution

ONE would expect that by now people know that glory and victory do not have a permanent residential address. 

They might rest with you tonight and dine with your enemy tomorrow. You might ask Brazil if you don't believe it or you could enquire with mighty Goliath what little David did to him. I say this because I am disturbed by some TV soccer experts who do not give SA the slightest chance of winning the World Cup in 2010.

I know this might sound far-fetched but I also believe that it is not impossible to win the World Cup in 2010.

Before the beginning of World Cup 2006, the majority of people across the world had tipped Brazil to be in the final.  But because they are just as human as the next guy, and have faults and weaknesses, France decked Brazil. 

I think rather than focusing on how we might not win, we should start throwing around ideas on how we can win the World Cup in future.

We won the African Cup Nations on a first attempt 10 years ago, while we have four years ahead of us to prepare for 2010. For my meaningful contribution I recommend to Safa to go with a local coach. We have a lot of brainy coaches in SA who can execute this duty with aplomb. Safa knows that and knows these coaches.  Safa only needs to give them the acknowledgement and respect they deserve.

The motto is to go into battle well armed and prepared. Name, looks, family or track record count for nothing in combat.

Only he who discharges the fatal and deadly blow first wins the battle. When we have done all of the above, who knows perhaps glory and victory may reside with us - even if it's just or a while.

Moseki Matlebyane, Pretoria