Poor people give DA the thumbs up

SOWETAN'S editorial of June 3, "DA reveals true colours", ignores the facts about how it is delivering to poor Capetonians.

Indeed, the DA's record of delivery in Cape Town is so willfully ignored, that it is Sowetan's true colours that are revealed.

After considering the following your claims look absurd.

In the City of Cape Town the DA has:

l Tripled housing delivery, from 3000 to more than 9000 units a year since taking office in 2006;

l Provided more than R1billion in subsidised basic services for the poor this financial year;

l Provided the highest free daily water allocation of any metro in the country;

l Reduced violent inner-city crime by 90percent;

l More than tripled spending on new infrastructure investment;

l Been named the cleanest metro in the country, as ranked by national government;

l Built six new clinics in poor, under-serviced areas.

All this has improved the lives of poor people, the people you claim we show no concern for.

It is the people of Cape Town who offer the most resounding condemnation of your cynical claims. Customer satisfaction surveys conducted independently show that the people of Khayelitsha are pleased with the DA's performance.

In fact, almost 65percent of ANC supporters surveyed in the city said they were happy with our performance and felt the difference in their lives.

Also, the results of recent by-elections speak for themselves. The DA continues to win seats in what were considered ANC areas and increases its support in all communities.

Masizole Mnqasela,

DA Khayelitsha