Political strife due to greed and selfishness

THE disappointing events at Cope is simply due to greed, ignorance and selfishness.

This will continue to haunt political and socioeconomic development on the African continent.

Leaders on the continent are often characterised by sheer ignorance, selfishness, unruly behaviour and an inability to embrace democratic processes by putting the country first and their own tummies second.

This hopelessly egotistic immaturity is often manifested in social circles, including our own churches. Break-up alternatives result in a myriad groups and are as a direct consequence of individual interests rather than national or citizen interest.

How do we know that Mosiuoa Lekota and Mbhazima Shilowa did leave the ANC with a number of supporters because of their own individualistic self-centered natures?

Can these guys accept being led by others, even in their own party? If this ever happens and if it is admissible or democratic, which I doubt is the case, the next Cope conference will tell us more about it.

Kagiso Sedumedi, Pretoria