Grab those opportunities

THE early bird catches the fattest worm.

THE early bird catches the fattest worm.

This famous proverb by English author William Camden simply means that "if you want that big opportunity, you first have to be ready for it".

This, in most cases, holds true. But what if the worm is not as early as the bird? Or what if the bird is not the only one early?

The bird that arrives late has to settle for the next worm, which might not be as fat as the first one . For many generations the worm has been neglected.

Focus has always been on the bird, but it is the worm that gives up its life for the bird.

So the worm should be the subject. The fat worm gives up its life for the first bird. It is no longer about the bird, but the worm. In this case that big opportunity that awaits you.

How many times have you been early for that opportunity and you missed it because someone came before you or because it wasn't for you and as a result you had to settle for the second or third best option?

This is because all along, you were the subject.

Now, take your opportunity and make it the subject and this time, it is not about whether or not you were the first person because to all intents and purposes it is all about the fat worm, that golden opportunity.

You could be last to get to the worm, but as long as the worm you get is the fattest of them all, then it is fine. We need to start building a generation of people who won't settle for anything less. People who are willing to go big, all the way, regardless of what number in the queue they were.

People who have an attitude that says: "If it is not the best, then it is not for me".

This is a generation that runs a race, not only to finish it, but to become number one because number two is the first one to lose. We compete to win. So, to catch the fattest worm, you become smart instead of being first and clueless as to what to do with an opportunity. To succeed in life, one has either to GO BIG OR GO HOME!

lThe author is a university students who spends his free time serving selflessly as a motivational speaker and author. The speech has been edited.