DA must prove mafioso links

I NOTED with dismay the negative comments about Paul Mashatile's election by the DA's Jack Bloom in Sowetan of May 11.

The DA believes that they have such wisdom about leadership selection that they can choose leaders for the ANC. They reckon they know better which leaders are good for the African masses.

ANC members chose Mashatile because they trust him . Those who voted for the alternative candidate are now also rallying round him .

Bloom is insulting ANC members and questioning their intelligence by referring to their leader as a mafioso don. To say that Mashatile is part of the so-called Alex Mafia is proof that the DA is perpetuating perceptions that the ANC leader is corrupt, without providing proof for the allegations.

The DA is quick to label ANC leaders, but cannot stand the label of racists. Bloom must expand on the Alex Mafia and how Mashatile participates in it. The Mafia are ruthless and extort, murder, blackmail and commit crimes to attain their objectives. Is Bloom saying the former premier consorts with such characters?

This creation in the minds of people like Bloom and his ilk must be exposed for what it is - cheap politicking. They say Mashatile is guilty by association. His guilt is that he grew up in Alex a so he is a member of such a shadowy outfit, if indeed it exists.

If Bloom has proof he should give it to the police - or he must apologise to Mashatile

Kabelo Motshabi,Noordwyk, Midrand