Telkom, 2010 hurt subscribers

TELKOM subscribers are having problems with the Internet because the country is getting ready for the World Cup.

The World Cup is affecting the lives of people who earn a living using the Internet or rely on it for communication with the outside world.

A local company has been trying to download a free programme for me since I can't afford ADSL.

Telkom informed me yesterday of these facts and said that was why subscribers were having problems. Many cannot even email. I spent all day yesterday setting up a laptop, including the ADSL, but couldn't email or use the Internet.

When I phoned a technician kept asking me if I'd spelt properly or whether there was a full stop or comma out of place.

How could Telkom not be transparent with clients about their problems?

When a sport ruins services we pay for it is an infringement of people's rights.

Cilla Webster, Scottburgh