Bring PAP to the masses

Island is the living foundation liberation struggle such that the Pan African parliament should be built next to the prison.

Island is the living foundation liberation struggle such that the Pan African parliament should be built next to the prison.

Otherwise Sharpeville, Langa and Soweto are alternatives.

The construction of the parliament on the island or in Sharpeville or Langa is imperative to link the South African liberation to the African liberation, spearheaded by the Organisation of African Unity.

PAP's current location bears no relation to the liberation struggle and regrettably now manifests the major conference centre for the conception and formulation of post-apartheid's new South Africa and Africa's Renaissance, dependent on the dictates of the piper who funds the programme.

The location is a citadel for migration and domicile for the struggle leaders ensconced in gifted houses and moneyed entrapments, away from the townships' masses.

Townships are the black vote reservoir resurrected only on election day.

PAP's current location represents the 21st century neo-colonial political and economic coup, well-contrived and executed to reverse Africa's 20th century liberation wars and defeat against colonial occupation.

It is no coincidence that the location abuts a massive concentration of shacks, poverty, joblessness and a lack of service delivery.

In context of the economic transition, the location is the migration centre for major banks and corporations and significantly the centre for domestic flight and drainage of the new, rich black middle class, who by instinct follow the struggle leadership's initial co-option and absorption by the rich community, away from the masses.

What we have now is the political and intellectual failure of the struggle leadership to provide a mass-based economic liberation plan rather than capitulate to co-option and wholesale bribery by apartheid capital, the mining, banking and industrial monopolies.

The centre appears to achieve the objective to recolonise Africa by invitation to the centre of political, banking, economic, military and significant leadership constituencies across Africa, and by fronting the PAP and South Africa's black government to accelerate the neocolonial trajectory.

At the same time, the black majority demands that government delivers basic services, jobs and economic relief, revolts against public corruption and the growing economic apartheid between the poor masses and the new rich black political elite and tenderpreneurs.

Designating Robben Island, Sharpeville or Langa for PAP is to reclaim and immortalise the moral, spiritual and physical root and legacy of the struggle.

Rakwena Molefe, New York, US