Happier kim 'heading for marriage'

KIMBERLEY Walsh is heading for marriage.

KIMBERLEY Walsh is heading for marriage.

The Girls Aloud singer has been in a relationship with Triple 8 singer Justin Scott for six years. Though she admits they think about tying the knot, she does not feel under any pressure to marry.

When quizzed on wedding plans, she said: "It is headed that way, but to be honest we feel quite young still. There's this pressure all the time to do the next thing - get engaged, get married, have a baby. It's because the media want something new to say, but I feel like if we announce it, everyone will just be like, 'Oh, right, yeah, what took you so long?'"

Though they are unsure when they will make the final commitment to one another, Kimberley, pictured, insists she and Justin are happier than ever. The 28-year-old pop star's mother, Diane Walsh, thinks she knows the secret to the couple's blissful relationship.

Kimberley said in an interview with the June issue of Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "My mum once said: 'He's got a very gentle nature, hasn't he?' And she's right, he has. He's very supportive and is a good person. He's been well brought up, he's got good values. He had a little girl when he was very young and took on all the responsibility of that, which I think has made him what he's like now."

Kimberley helps Justin raise his daughter, but insists she is more of a "friend" than a stepmother to her. She explained: "His daughter has her mum and dad and I don't want to intrude. So I'm like a cousin, or a friend. It must be weird for her - she gets bugged about getting stuff signed, but she does not seem that bothered by it. In fact, I don't think she's that interested." - Bang