ANC to crack the whip

ANC leaders in KwaZulu-Natal will crack the whip on councillors who have abused the party's rules as a "passport to self-aggrandisement" to prepare for early retirement.

The ANC resolved to begin an intense process of assessing the performance of all its councillors as it gears up for the coming local government elections next year.

A resolution was taken during an election strategy workshop at Pinetown Civic Centre yesterday.

Despite indications that the party was happy with its councillors, it was however noted that there was room for improvement in certain areas.

ANC provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala said the party viewed the sphere of local government as crucial because it was a frontline agent in efforts to combat poverty.

He also felt it (local government) should ensure accelerated service delivery to communities.

He said they would be vigorous in eliminating "deadwood".

"We need to ensure that the next generation of councillors to be deployed in this critical sphere of government is beyond reproach and has a proven track record of being servants of the people," he said.

Zikalala said elected councillors must understand that they were selected to serve the community, work closely with them and always be responsive to their needs.

"Being an ANC councillor is an added responsibility because the community places their hope in the ANC to liberate them from the burden of poverty and underdevelopment," he said.

Zikalala said in doing the assessments, the ANC had undertaken to consult with the communities and to use the feedback as a yardstick for deciding on the eligibility of councillors to represent the party.