Chief loses 2 vehicles

A Limpopo chief's assets have been attached by the sheriff of the court after he allegedly ignored his subjects' advice to return them to his lawful wife.

Chief Phokwane Dick Phasha of the Baroka-ba-ga-Phasha community in Steelpoort was forced to surrender his white Nissan Hardbody and a silver grey Mercedes-Benz to the sheriff after his wife, Mamapate Ida Phasha, had won a court order to have the assets returned to her.

Phasha, who is provincial secretary of the Congress of Traditional Leaders, had allegedly taken the cars for his own use after removing them from his marital home to go and stay with his mistress in the village.

The chief allegedly removed the cars from the royal kraal with the assistance of his "mistress" . This was done without the knowledge of his wife, who is recognised by the community.

The woman then reported the matter to the Traditional Royal Council, which allegedly tried unsuccessfully to engage the chief on the matter.

She did this with the assistance of Kgolane Italian Phasha, the chief's younger brother, who is also a senior council member.

Phasha allegedly threatened everybody with violence if they tried to retrieve the cars. His wife took up the matter with the courts and was granted an interdict on April 20.

She was concerned that the chief might sell the cars without her knowledge and "squander the proceeds to my detriment".

According to a court order, which Sowetan is in possession of, the woman was struggling to perform the duties of the royal council without transport and her children were also finding it difficult to go to school.

The sheriff, who identified himself only as Mr Nkosi, said last Thursday that the chief had indicated to him, on confiscation of the assets, that he would challenge the court's decision "legally".

Phasha was not available for comment since his cellphone was switched off.