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NOMINATIONS for The 2010 Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year award are still open.

NOMINATIONS for The 2010 Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year award are still open.

You can nominate an exceptional, visionary woman who is having a positive impact on the lives of South Africans in one of the following categories:

Heathcare givers, corner shop to big business makers, educators, good neighbours and youth movers, until Friday April 30.

The criteria focuses on the character of the individual, her ability and achievements and how her work affects South African society. The work of the women must be significant in terms of creating a better future for South Africans.

It must show a desire to do something about the problems South Africans face.


The nominee must have achieved her goals despite and against all odds and have the strength to overcome the greatest of obstacles, resolve problems and be determined to attain a positive outcome.


It must be a characteristic of the nominee to adapt fast and efficiently to change circumstances while being steered by a value system that treasures the reality that a person is only a person through other people.


The nominee must have a broader vision of the challenging society in which South Africans live to create a better future. She must also show modesty rather than being boastful, be understated and not be very vocal about her achievement.


Great leadership has changed the destiny of this country. A nominee must have the leadership ability to affect human behaviour to accomplish a mission and must be capable of influencing people to achieve set goals.


The nominee must act according to values, beliefs and principles that shape the future for the better. A nominee must subscribe to actions of integrity.