iBhunu means Afrikaner and nothing else

THE media and ANC have given various explanations for the word amaBhunu: boere, settlers, farmers, apartheid, those who support apartheid (black people included).

According to my Speak Zulu With Us beginners software and course book (by African Voices) and my English-Zulu dictionary (Doke, Malcolm, Sikakana, Vilakazi), iBhunu means Afrikaner. There are no secondary translations for this word .

Why is the media not printing what Julius Malema is really singing: "Shoot the Afrikaners, they are rapists, shoot, shoot!" (Dubula amaBhunu, baya raypa, dubula, dubula!)?

Are reporters afraid the truth might hurt our country beyond repair? Or am I displaying my ignorance in my attempts to learn to speak isiZulu? If the latter is true, would you please correct me by revealing your source for amaBhunu, and telling me why your source differs from mine?

Nicola Rushin, Gauteng