Malema should not flaunt his ignorance

WHEN Julius Malema says the "opportunistic PAC" hijacked the anti-pass campaign in 1960, he has been manipulated as a marionette.

The puppeteers are pulling the strings and he spews their words.

PAC founding President Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was a man of ideas. He wrote the 1949 Programme of Action, which was modified by Anton Lembede's successor, AP Mda. The programme catapulted the lacklustre ANC into action

The Defiance Campaign of the early 1950s was a product of Sobukwe's programme.

At its December 1959 conference, as a continuation of the 1949 Programme of Action, the PAC adopted a resolution to embark on a campaign on March 21 1960.

How could the PAC have hijacked the ANC's anti-pass campaign when the PAC invited them to be part of the March 1960 march? This was widely publicised ,so Malema should not flaunt his ignorance.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso