Thohoyandou is falling apart

I HAVE a huge concerns about the state of our towns. I've been to Thohoyandou recently as I do from time to time.

I am concerned that the town is deteriorating instead of becoming a modern town.

The beautiful canal that used to run through the town has been dry for years.

The streetlights, among other lights, along the main road from the Tshilidzini Hospital to Makwarela are no longer working.

I'm so ashamed when I come home at night with my friends from other regions because the town is so dark.

It is the same with traffic lights. Very few of them are working .

If something breaks, no repairs are carried out.

There are also no new developments.

The structures that are built are old-style buildings with small windows and single doors.

Another issue is the shrubs and wild grass that is growing all over the place and no one seems to do anything about it.

The town itself is terribly dirty and there are not enough toilets.

I believe the once-beautiful town is now run by unqualified people who are just thinking of their pockets at the end of the month.

There are a lot of young people who studied urban development and other such courses who can develop the town into a modern city if they were given a chance.

I think the town is very manageable since it is not a big city.

I am just so disappointed with the lack of progress.

Sydney Munzhedzi, Cape Town