WINTER is upon us. Now is the time to start thinking about your decorating plans before the upcoming chilly days arrive.

WINTER is upon us. Now is the time to start thinking about your decorating plans before the upcoming chilly days arrive.

The light and airy interiors, fresh colours, and lots of flowers will have to be replaced by a cosy, warm look that will make your home homely.

To help you avoid those seasonal blues Sowetan has found some tips, tricks for home improvement and interior decorating for winter from various interior decorators.

Use objects of warm colours

To give a warm feeling to a place, the easiest way is to fill tit with the objects of warm colours, be it furniture or accessories.

Make informal seating arrangements

l Seating arrangements affect the ambience of the place a lot. Refrain from formal designs and switch to informal seating arrangements.

l Drape the sofas with similar shaded fabric. Put up cushions and pillows on your sofas and chairs. Clad them with silk and velvet.

l Try different patterns. Avoid prints and try to go with Jari, embroidery and emboss. Same goes for bed sheets. Use dark hues and matching pillows.

l Take all your antiques out and try some arrangements with the furniture. It is not desired to put them in order you can make some informal combinations.

Use cosy fabrics for curtains

The curtains can be made to look cosy by using fabrics such as velvet, chenille and even silk. Make them look heavy and accessorise them with decorative pelmets, edgings, cords and borders.

Use carpets and table cloths

Cover your cold floors with carpets and dhurries. Even the tables can be made to look all set for winter by making the tablecloths out of dhurries.

Dining table furnishing

The tables can be filled with candles, baskets, crockery and cutlery. Try candles of different colours, sizes, styles and even fragrances. Put some apples in brass bowls. Replace china and porcelain crockery with brass, copper and metal crockery. These induce a feel of warmth and hence have a better visual appeal in winter.

Apply warm colour accents

The overall ambience of the room is also affected by the colour of the walls and the lights used. Try not to be very diverse here. Monochrome schemes can be worked out and the walls can be matching the colour of your furniture or fabric.

Reds, browns, dark shades of mustard, chocolate and Burgundy should preferably be used as they have a lot of matching accessories available in the market.

The lights should preferably be coloured in shades of yellow, or any other warm colour. Task lighting such as in a glass showcase or a focal painting induces a feeling of warmth and welcome and should be implied. A general dim light is desired as diffused light feels cosier. -